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EO.Web Grid offers a rich editable and scrollable data grid control that giving user a superior experience by performing most tasks on the client side.

  • Editable and scrollable. Everything about editing and scrolling are built-in;
  • Perform most tasks on the client side. Editing, sorting and paging can all be performed on the client side. Sorting and paging can also be performed on the server side;
  • Built-in paging support. EO.Web Grid offers a built-in pager that is simple to use yet fully customizable;
  • Built in AJAX support. All operations that can be done on the server side can be done via AJAX call without reloading the whole page or whole grid;
  • Best design time support. WYSIWYG result on Visual Studio's design surface; Built-in Grid Builder with ready to use templates;
  • More Advanced Features. Completely client side JavaScript interface, fixed column, custom columns, and more!